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Five Page Story
A short story containing five pages of text, of whatever you desire to be out.
Three character limit, fifty cents more for each extra character.
(Character defined as having an important part in the story and dialogue.)
Fifty extra cents for extra pages
Note: Examples may be shorter than what you'll actually receive.
Payment can be done through dA points or PayPal. Half payment must be sent first if using PayPal.

Commission Examples

Hello everyone! As you may or may not know, I have open commissions. If you want one just send me a note my way and I'll gladly discuss the commission idea with you.

To give you a general idea of what kind of commissions I do, here's a few examples.

In this old building I pluck away at my last string on my guitar. I used to have six strings on it but they broke. Each strong represented someone important to me. The first two were my mother and father, the next two were my brothers, and number five was my love, my high school married wife. We surprised everyone when we married at seventeen and stayed together for ten years. Why ten years? Well while waiting to see when I would leave I broke my first guitar string an I heard my mother scream and I knew she was killed and when my second string broke my father was killed. I knew that if my strings broke my family would be killed and wife would die, but I couldn't stop playing, soon two of my strings broke and my brothers were both killed and my wife was left, and I didn't want to lose her. I couldn't stop plucking so I plucked the strong softly to keep her alive as long as I could. A month past and I noticed I'm not hungry at all and then my stomach growled and I pulled my w
Brandon vs WaluigiIn a quiet little city where a bunch of Mushroom citizens lived a boy with a short fluffy and curly hair and a big fluffy beard was walking on his hands. The boy was half black and was wearing a green shirt with blue jeans and black shoes.
While he was walking on his hands the mushroom people were ignoring him because they thought he was practicing for a circus act he was in and let him practice. While he was walking he ran into a tall, long brown hair, white girl wearing a green shirt and blue pants and white shoes. She stopped and looked at the strange boy who was walking on his hands instead of his feet.
"Why are you walking on your hands?" she asked as she stared at the strange boy.
"Because I ate some peanuts and I'm allergic to peanuts. Thirty minutes after I eat peanuts my face expands, my arms get a rash, and I uncontrollably burp. So I'm walking on my hands and hoping it might help me barf up the peanuts I ate before thirty minutes are up. Oh yeah so you know I ate some chocol
Comm. Rhay: Minion"Ok I'm getting out! No need to push! Hey what are you doing-OW!" Brandon yelled as he landed on his face from a swift kick in the rear.
Getting kicked out of his own house wasn't the worst thing to happen to Brandon but it sure wasn't the best thing that happened. Not paying his bills on time was a problem for Brandon because he kept betting on races and lost every last one of them.
"This sucks, I've got no house, no car, and no money. But at least it's sunny outside," Brandon said just as thunder struck and rained. "I hate spur of the moment rain, making life all that much more difficult for others to live."
Brandon wasn't the only one having a hard time at the moment. The sudden rain shower was also covering a large city. It was that of the city from the Wario Ware games or of a normal city but smaller and with some weird people and talking animals, not to mention more park land than city land.
"NEXT!" a girl shouted sending out a grown man who was crying into his hands for not gett
Com. MD Icy Drink
The hot sun beating down on all,
Sweat bringing people to their knees.
If only they had what was in one's hand,
An icy cold Coca-Cola.
Your throat full of phlegm,
Nothing can rid it but this drink can.
Sliding down my throat,
I feel it freezing as it goes.
My breath is frozen,
Mist coming out of my mouth.
I can't feel my hand,
It's numb from this bottle.
Though the best part is the fizz,
Sounds of bubbles popping,
Like a message for my tongue.
Oh my Coca-Cola,
You're the only one for me.
And the best part about you,
Is that you're the last one here.
I'm sorry,
Did you want this icy cold, throat refreshing, heart freezing drink?
Too bad,
It's all for me.
So WarmA cold winter night, the wind blowing snow everywhere, this is a night to freeze in. An animal or human like animal, that tries to make it through this storm to shelter would parish.
A pack of anthro dogs try to find food in the horrible cold winds learned the horrible mistake they made. The bitter cold and piercing winds were too much for them and though they wished for nothing more than shelter they failed to find some. One by one they quickly sub come to the winter cold and lack of food, they all feel until one remained.
"S-s-s-s-s-so co-co-cold…." the lone canine said as he fell to his knees and crawled until he collapsed into the cold snow.
As he laid there, snow covering him in a white blanket, he heard movement. As he opened his eyes to find the source of the noise he saw a moose coming his way. Thinking he just lost his mind he ignored the creature. When the moose was right next to him it licked his face. With that lick as proof the dog knew that the moose was real.


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Tuesday means two things. Tacos and Twitch! I'll be having both of those today! I'M COMING FOR YOU CHIMICHERRYCHANGA!! Also Twitch. Twitch Stream (Online) by MGlitch
Tuesday means two things. Tacos and Twitch! I'll be having both of those today! I'M COMING FOR YOU CHIMICHERRYCHANGA!! Also Twitch. Twitch Stream (Online) by MGlitch


Chaos Rising by KingTurok *.SHATTER.* by faster-by-choice Request ~ Bamart by Pony-UnTastic PPCOM: I DEMAND TO BE 3rd FAVORITE PONY! by MRDDragon Flutter-present by Inurantchan After Hurricane Sandy by Inurantchan New DA Group All The Anthro Art by SquareSausageHappy Birthday Brandon! by amandaam

It's February! So that means Valentine's Day and Deadpool movie comes out this month. What are you excited for? (Just so you know, the answer is Deadpool.) 

6 deviants said DEADPOOL!!!
1 deviant said Wait who put that other one there? DEADPOOL!!
No deviants said Valentine's Day!
No deviants said Chimichanga Grand!!


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