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Rusty Files, Chapter One: Experiment 255 :iconmglitch:MGlitch 0 0
Advent Story 8: The Drawing
    While the young lady went back to sleep, thinking she'd worry about learning how to use the new drawing tablet later, the drawing tablet felt one of their other makes being used. A blanket canvass on a drawing program was giving a few lines and after a while, the lines become an image. The image was a pony with a rather large flank. Looking at the flank it quickly poked it a few times. Why did they have a big flank? It looked really nice though. The lined imaged looked up at who was drawing them and realized they were figuring out what to add to this blank world they were in.
    Right in front of the chubby pony was a tree. While the tree had no color a lot of round objects, most likely ornaments, with a bit of tassels and a star on top. It was coming out real nicely but there was still something missing, but before that something could be added the drawer was called away. The little pony was left alone with no color on himself or the tree, and this seemed to m
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 1 9
Advent Story Day 7: The Thief
    While the young kids were playing their brand new game of a thief stealthily stealing several treasures around the world, they had no idea that the real master of stealing had his own agenda. So while he ran around the large city he kept stopping every now and again to consult his binoculars to search for his target location. With a little bit of searching he once again found the right patch to take.
    Jumping from rooftop to rooftop, the pants less thief ran as fast as he could, wishing to get out of the cold. While his fur kept him mostly warm from any cold this particular night was very nippy and sending a deep chill down his spin. This kind of cold wasn't felt by him since his days back in Japan when he had to take down a fiery panda bear that loved to bury villages in avalanches. Thankfully once this mission was completed he'd be heading home to some hot chocolate and extra marshmallows.
    The target was a room of a young woman who was sleepin
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 0 0
Advent Day 6: Slow Arrival
    While two lovers enjoyed a kiss over a miseltoe, another was running as fast as he could, leaving a blue blur trail behind him. Run around, over, and above several objects that would normally stop someone who hadn't ran through these woulds hundreds of thousands of times. But this blue speedy hedgehog had a place to be and was running late to meet his love.
    While the speedy hero ran, his girlfriend was at a small hospital helping patch up a few of the patients who were injured either today or a few days ago. While their injuries were miner they needed changed every few days and this young hedgehog girl was ready to give out a hand any time. Being the medic of her team she always enjoyed healing others and being there for those who couldn't be with their family. Though family members were visiting those stuck in a building of healing not all could enjoy the stay. With little to do or games to play these young ones were with not much to do, even when Christmas
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 1 4
Advent Story Day 5: The Idiotic Kiss
    While Raccoon Guy was busy with the party thrown by his friends he ignored the picture put up by Sgt. 16 Bit, but inside the picture, the inhabitants were having a slight problem. The two inside the picture were sitting in the dark while a green Echidna stood with her arms and legs crossed, looking a little sour at her boyfriend. Sophie's boyfriend was a rather large and muscle bound Echidna known as Knuckles. While he had a lot of strength, it equally matched the lack of his intelligence.
    Scratching his head wildly, Knuckles wondered why the light decorations weren't turning on. He had checked all the bulbs earlier to see that they functioned, asked Tails to ensure they would turn on, and even watched as Amy plugged unplugged the lights to show they were working perfectly. So why now, of all reasons, were these lights not coming on?
    Sophie just looked at Knuckles and sighed when she noticed a guy in a strange suit holding a letter, he didn't l
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 1 14
Avent Day 4: The Friends
    While Waliugi was the invited guest in the home of Luigi, high above the clouds was a guy with raccoon ears and tail flying by swirling his tail rapidly. The young lad had messy bowl hair cut and wore a red hoodie jacket and thick black sweater pants to protect himself from the cold. Though despite the warm clothing blocking out the freezing air, he couldn't help but feel the coldness inside of him. It was nearly Christmas and all of his friends were busy or spending time with their family or loved ones. While Raccoon Guy had a family of his own he wasn't able to visit them due to an argument they had a few days ago. He did try to apologize but they were still cold to him, so he was left to just fly around the Mushroom Kingdom looking to help others and make sure that their magical night wasn't ruined.
    As Raccoon Guy flew his ears heard a shouting, a crying, and the sounds of many in trouble. What could be going on? Was it some weird Black Friday sale going
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 0 0
Advent Story Day 3: The Invited Guest
    In the room with the young girl who slept with her new doll known as Waluigi, the Waluigi from another world wasn't in such a wonderful place. Walking through a filled covered in snow that kept coming down at a fast pace. Waluigi was tall, thin and skinny looking. With a rather long mustache that curved to form to L's on his face. With only his purple clothes and hat with upside down L, he walked through the frozen land.
    With the thin clothing that Waluigi wore he quickly started to feel the cold and was beginning to develop one as well. As he walked he kept sniffling from his runny nose and sneezing like pepper was tossed into his face. With a face redder than a tomato, Waluigi looked as though he was about to pass out from a terrible sickness. Walking pass a house with bright lights shinning outward, an aurora of warmth seemed to be seeping out of it.
    As Waluigi kept walking buy he ignored the opening of a door with it's light shinning and so
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 0 0
Advent Story: Day 2
    Up in the room with the angel friend, who sat upon the tree, slept a girl who had many dreams. In the room was several scattered books, cloth used to make plush dolls, and the said girl not a sleep in their bed. The young one slept instead with their head on arms on a desk that was just as cluttered with items as the floor. The light brown hair shined in the light cast by the decorations hung outside and the moon shinny weakly through the sky. In the mind of the maiden she had dreams not of sugar plums nor fairy's but of skating on an ice the size of giant turkey.
    In a green attire and blue sweet pants, the girl skated across the ice. Surrounded by friends they all did tricks while racing each other. It was a wonderful time watching the gang of friends make marks in the ice such as figure eights or maybe little diamonds. Though as the gang kept making more marks in the ice, cracks seemed to be forming. While other didn't notice the dream version of the sleep
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 1 7
Advent Story Day 1: The Angel
    It was a beautiful Christmas Eve, the snow flakes falling to form mounds of snow for the young and old to play in. To create a beautiful glitter so that the morning sun would shine and sparkle upon it. The bright colorful lights from all the houses created their own light show for the outside world. Though inside, many of the houses either shined with a bright gold or rainbow colors, each created by the unique Christmas trees.
    In one such house a tree bore many a bright colorful lights that flickered on and off, casting light and shows off the orbs and tiny trinkets that were hung off the tree. Underneath the tree were many a boxes from big to small, wrapped in several different styled papers and bows placed top, bottom and center.
    The start of this wonderful tree wasn't the gifts or lights, but the angel who stood on top of the tall tree. She was something of beauty since she bore not only a white dress that shined bright as the tree lights, s
:iconmglitch:MGlitch 1 4
A Fresh Start by MGlitch A Fresh Start :iconmglitch:MGlitch 4 8





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